Descript review-Is it worth it or just a gimmick?

I'll share my opinion on the Descript Ai Video Editing Software in this Descript review. After reading, you'll have enough knowledge to decide whether investing in Descript is good for you.

This Descript post will outline the application's essential features and include a video overview and instructional regarding Descript created using the program.

I recently switched from Premiere Pro to Descript for audio and video editing.

Unlike typical editing software, it was simple to use, and I could swiftly and effectively generate a high-quality video.

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pros & cons


  • Edit video as easily as a Word document
  • Ai Enhanced Transcriptions
  • Clone your voice and overdub recordings digitally rather than re-record
  • Modern-day video editing workflow that is intuitive and efficient.


  • You must re-train your brain if switching from a timeline-based video editor
  • Limited timeline feature

Is Descript Legit: My Experience

CREDIT: Descript

As a video editing business owner, I have produced hundreds of client movies and animations with industry-standard software such as Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro. Descript is a relatively new addition to the video editing field.

Enticed by Descript's promise of harnessing artificial intelligence to enhance video editing efficiency and simplicity, I decided to try it.

Here's a video of me going through Descript. I also used Descript to create the entire video. Meta. I know, but read on to hear my ideas and see what the software can do:

As you can see from my video review and the product box above, I had a great time using Descript. I'll keep using Descript in my video project workflow. It may replace Premiere as my preferred video editing program. Still, for the time being, I will continue to use both.

Now, onto the full review.

How to Use Descript?

Descript is an AI-powered video and audio editing application aimed to make the editing process more accessible. When you import video or audio recordings into Descript, the software uses speech detection AI to transcribe them.

In the case of a video file, it connects the transcription to the video frames. The video may then be modified by changing the matching text. The same thing may be done with an audio file. You may also make a voice clone to add generated audio recordings to a current project or start a new one without recording anything.

You receive it audio features that can help with the editing process, so you can save time by not needing to utilize a Digital audio workstation to make your audio sound fantastic. Because audio is such an essential aspect of a video, Descript's audio processing allows you to worry less about capturing audio in a quiet location.

What kind of AI does Descript use in its software?

Descript employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Automated Voice Recognition (ASR) and claims to convert voice to text with 95% accuracy. Descript employs Lyrebird AI for voice cloning and artificial voice synthesis. Lyrebird AI was acquired by Descript in 2019 and is now an AI research section within the company.

Pricing & plan

Free Plan

  • Get started with Descript for free.
  • Limited to 1 hour of transcription per editor per month.
  • Primary access to video and audio editing features.
  • You will receive a complimentary trial of Overdub, featuring a 1,000-word vocabulary

Creator Plan

$15 per user / month

$12 per monthly user, billed at $144 annually.

  • Ten hours of transcription per editor per month.
  • All features are available in the free plan.
  • Watermark-free video export with 1 export per month.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) for added security.
  • Filler word removal for “um” & “uh” and 18 other filler words and repeated words.
  • Overdub feature with a 1,000-word vocabulary.

Pro Plan

$30 per user / month

$24 per user per month, billed at $288 annually.

  • Thirty hours of transcription per editor per month.
  • All features are available in the Creator plan.
  • Unlimited watermark-free video export.
  • Export video in 4K resolution for higher-quality output.
  • AI Green Screen feature for up to 60-minute files.
  • AI Eye Contact feature for up to 60-minute files.
  • Studio Sound for audio enhancement in up to 60-minute files.
  • Access to the stock library with unlimited downloads.
  • Invoicing option for easy payment management.

Enterprise Plan

  • Custom pricing is available for teams of 10 or more.
  • All features are available in the Pro plan, with additional benefits.
  • Dedicated account representative for personalized support.
  • Overdub Enterprise with unlimited word vocabulary.
  • AI Green Screen, AI Eye Contact, and Studio Sound for unlimited video and audio file duration.
  • Enhanced security with a comprehensive security review.
  • Onboarding and training for smooth integration into your team's workflow.

Key Highlights of Descript Pricing Plans:

Recourse of descript
CREDIT: Descript
  • Flexible Transcription Hours: Whether you need basic transcription or a higher volume of transcriptions, Descript offers plans with varying hours to suit your needs.
  • Overdub Feature: With the Overdub feature, you can create a clone of your voice and have it say whatever you missed by adding text to the script. This feature is available in all plans, but the Enterprise plan offers unlimited word vocabulary, providing more creative possibilities.
  • Studio Sound: Descript's Studio Sound is designed to enhance audio quality by removing noise and improving overall sound. The Pro plan offers Studio Sound for files up to 60 minutes long. In contrast, the Enterprise plan extends this feature to unlimited file duration.
  • Stock Library Access: Both the Pro and Enterprise plans provide access to the stock library, allowing you to enhance your videos with millions of stock images, gifs, videos, and animations.
  • AI Green Screen and AI Eye Contact: The Enterprise plan takes video editing to the next level with AI Green Screen and AI Eye Contact features, enabling you to work with longer files without restrictions.
  • Dedicated Account Representative: For teams using the Enterprise plan, Descript offers a dedicated account representative to ensure smooth communication and support.
  • Invoicing Option: The Pro plan allows easy payment management through invoicing, streamlining the billing process.
  • Security Review: The Enterprise plan includes a comprehensive security review, ensuring your data and projects remain secure.
  • Onboarding and Training: The Enterprise plan also provides onboarding and training sessions to help your team effectively utilize Descript's powerful features.

Choosing the Right Plan

When selecting a Descript pricing plan, it's essential to consider your specific needs and requirements. Here are some scenarios to help you make an informed decision:

  • Casual Users or Beginners: If you are new to video editing or have minimal editing requirements, the Free plan may suit you. It allows you to explore Descript's basic features and get a feel for the platform without any financial commitment.
  • Content Creators and Small Teams: The Creator plan is ideal for content creators and small teams who need moderate transcription hours and advanced features like watermark-free video export and filler word removal.
  • Professional Video Editors: For professional video editors and those seeking higher productivity, the Pro plan offers ample transcription hours, 4K video export, and access to the stock library. The AI Green Screen, AI Eye Contact, and Studio Sound feature further enhance editing capabilities.
  • Enterprise-Level Requirements: Larger teams and enterprises with over 10 users will benefit from the Enterprise plan's custom pricing. It provides unlimited transcription hours, enhanced security, and personalized support through a dedicated account representative.

Is Descript Good For Podcast Editing?

Descript sprang to prominence among video and podcasting editors as a podcast editing tool, and with good reason. Its simplicity makes it great for creative content makers and influencers who want to spend more time developing fresh content ideas and keeping their audiences interested rather than editing the material.

Descript helps you to edit audio and video podcasts in the same way that you would a text document. You are not even required to input the content yourself. Submit your audio or video files, and Descript will transcribe them.

You may also fine-tune the audio using volume normalization, noise cancellation, and automated filler word removal. You may use Descript's Overdub tool to clone your voice. Then, inputting words will create audio material in your voice.

However, we must find the voice realistic enough for the complete material (we cannot produce quality audio). It's excellent for “overdubbing” and adding snippets to an existing podcast without re-recording the audio files. More on that later.

Descript Overdub

Suppose you need to remember to say something crucial in your video. In that case, Descript's Overdub tool will spare you the trouble of re-recording it. Overdub uses AI to produce a cloned voice from a sample of your voice.

Then, input the necessary text; the cloned voice will say it. You may also utilize Overdub to produce a video without recording your voice. Enter the text, select a stock voice, and Overdub's text-to-speech algorithm will handle the rest.

Studio Sound

Descript studio sound

Descript Studio Sound is a technology that employs artificial intelligence to eliminate noise from audio files and improve overall audio quality.

Studio Sound can make your audio sound more professional in only a few clicks, regardless of where you recorded it or what microphone you used.

It works by isolating the speaker's speech and then regenerating the audio with the changes, resulting in no dampening of the speaker's voice.

Descript Noise Reduction: My Experience With Descript's Studio Sound

We recorded our first podcast – and our microphone was too hot:/. Yikes! Every breath was audible, and there was a lot of background noise.

Fortunately, Descript studio sound cleaned it well, and the audio now sounds wonderfully professional. It was all done with the press of a button.

Descript Video Editing

Descript video editing
CREDIT: Descript
  • It utilizes AI to automate transcription, making video editing more straightforward.
  • The platform offers a vast media library with millions of stock images, gifs, videos, and animations.
  • It features an intuitive drag-and-drop editor for easy video customization.
  • The zooming feature allows focusing on specific elements in the video seamlessly.
  • Users can enjoy smooth scene transitions with the help of various transition effects.
  • Inserting clips is simple, using a forward slash in the video script.
  • The Chroma key feature enables green screen video creation.
  • Descript ensures fast and efficient editing, making it perfect for quick projects.
  • It seamlessly integrates with other software like Premiere Pro for advanced editing.
  • Content creators seeking quick video production will find Descript a perfect fit.

Export Descript to Premiere Pro Timeline

Users may export their project from Descript into other video editing products such as Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro with only a few clicks. An XML file containing all of the cuts, animations, and modifications done in Descript is exported, allowing you to start up where you left off in another editing application.

I'll use Descript to modify the macro and combine the components for my workflow. Then I'll export the XML and open the timeline in Premiere to apply the finishing touches. You may export a project from Descript with its cuts, effects, and modifications and continue working on it on another platform.

I like to create the first pass of the edit and clean up within Descript since it makes the macro edit much faster and includes some fantastic Ai features like Studio Sound.

Edit Video by Editing Text (or Audio)

  • Descript stands out by simplifying the video editing process compared to traditional platforms.
  • Users can skim through the text document instead of watching all the footage, saving time and effort.
  • Deleting a scene is as easy as removing the corresponding text, and Descript automatically removes it from the video.
  • The Overdub feature lets users create a cloned voice to fill in any missed parts in the recording by adding text to the script.
  • It is optional to re-record if something important was forgotten during the video recording.
  • Descript's ability to quickly remove filler words with just a few clicks helps create a professional and smooth-flowing video.
  • The audio functions within Descript work excellently, allowing for advanced audio editing capabilities.
  • Users who enjoy editing audio content appreciate these powerful features in Descript.

Descript 2.0 Storyboard

Descript Storyboard is the most recent version of the Descript program focusing heavily on video editing. Descript Storyboard enables you to create videos using a script-first approach.

You may enter or paste the script for your film and separate it into distinct “scenes” using the forward slash. The scenes will show as individual thumbnails, and you may drag any video clip, animation, gif, or photo onto the thumbnail to add it to that scene.

If you've already filmed a whole video and wish to alter it, submit it to Descript Storyboard. Descript will automatically transcribe your movie as you go (Descript claims a 95% transcription accuracy – we found it somewhat less accurate but perfectly adequate).

You can use the transcript tool to automatically add subtitles to the movie or alter the video by eliminating part of the text with editing. As you remove a section of the transcription, Descript will automatically remove the appropriate segment from the video.

Descript Discord

Descript has its own Discord server, which gives players access to a Descript user community.

You may utilize the Descript Discord platform to discuss issues, offer changes, connect with others who share your interests, and get assistance with your video-making and editing journey.

Descript Customer Service

customer service descript
CREDIT: Descript

Descript offers a comprehensive support center with valuable resources for its users, including:

  • Video Lessons: Access to informative video tutorials to aid users in understanding Descript's features and functionalities.
  • How-to Instructions: Step-by-step guides that assist users in getting started with Descript and performing various tasks.
  • Reference Handbook: A detailed manual that covers all the tools within Descript, such as Overdub and Quick Recorder, along with explanations of different terminologies like scene, canvas, and timeline.
  • Product Changelog: Regular updates and changes to the software are documented in the product changelog, helping users stay informed about the latest improvements.
  • Feature Requests: Users can submit feature requests to the Descript team if they feel something is missing or have ideas for enhancements.
  • Contacting Support: For any issues or problems, users can contact the Descript team by submitting a ticket or sending an email for prompt assistance.

What Customers Say About Descript?

There are numerous customer evaluations worldwide concerning Descript, and there is nothing to conceal. The response has been incredible since this video editing software has made work easier for beginners and professionals.

According to users, video transcription for subtitles and text editing is the finest feature. It's fantastic software for folks who want to create audiobooks and improve their speech impairment. Some people joke about starting a transcribing company with Descript to make more money than they purchased the software. Isn't it hilarious?

When asked what they hated, customers had conflicting opinions. According to them, the software fails on tiny smartphones. Utilizing robust hardware equipment is recommended to work without obstacles. Despite this, the numerous benefits of using Descript keep users returning for more.

According to a few bad reviews, the app does not feature an AI voice replacement for lengthy sentences. There are occasionally lagging or freezing difficulties throughout the transcribing process. The audio and video speakers are out of sync with the transcript. There have also been reports of blank video segments while exporting.

However, the overall reviews are favorable and commendable. Quick response from the Descript support team demonstrates their determination to make their client experience easy and structured. Furthermore, some evaluations praise the team for making their interface snappy and straightforward.

Descript Alternative

When considering alternatives to Descript for video editing, here are some essential points to consider:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro: Ideal for professional video editors and projects not heavily focused on text-based editing. It has a slow learning curve but offers impressive results once mastered.
  • Industry Standard: Adobe Premiere Pro is widely used for big projects, requiring a robust system for smooth and glitch-free editing. Features like motion graphic templates, VR rotation, and simultaneous project handling set it apart.
  • Descript's AI-Backed Software: Descript is a newcomer to the video editing world. However, it stands out with its AI-powered approach and quick learning curve. It is an excellent choice for beginners and those undecided between Premiere Pro and Descript.
  • Customer Preferences: Some users prefer Descript and Premiere Pro, using each for specific purposes. While some have switched to Descript due to its efficient transcriptions, others accustomed to Premiere Pro's workflow continue using it.
  • Upcoming Pro Version: Descript plans to release a Pro version with enhanced features to elevate the editing experience further, making it even more appealing to users.
  • Inter-Software Export: Descript allows users to edit videos using its features and then export the projects to other editing programs through an XML file. This seamless inter-software export prevents redundant work and facilitates continuity.
  • Recommended Workflow: The suggested workflow involves creating a macro edit in Descript, benefiting from its fast and efficient AI-supported Studio Sound feature. Afterward, users can export the project to Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro to add the final touches.

In conclusion, Descript provides an innovative AI-driven approach with ease of use, making it a preferred choice for beginners. On the other hand, Premiere Pro, being an industry-standard software, offers a wide range of advanced features suitable for professional video editors. Depending on specific needs and preferences, users may find value in using both tools or choosing one that best aligns with their editing requirements.

Descript Video Editing Review: Final Decision

The point of this Descript review was to help you determine if subscribing to Descript is a good choice for you, so let's get right to it.

If you're enthusiastic about video editing and know how to use tools like Adobe Premiere, I recommend it.

However, suppose you are new to editing or are more concerned with content production (wanting to publish a video or audio project you generated rapidly) than the technique and art of editing. In that case, getting a Descript membership is a must. Not only will Descript allow you to perform 95% of what you want, but you will also be able to get started making material faster since Descript has a lower learning curve than typical video editing tools.

Learning any video editing program is helpful in any case. Given Descript's popularity and ingenuity in the video editing process, Adobe and other platforms will take note of and include text-based editing within their products. Descript is also anticipated to add pro features and expand the timeline's versatility.

I am pleased to pay for Adobe Premiere and Descript because each product has unique benefits

Unleash your creativity with effortless audio & video editing!

Suppose you're a beginner who wants to quickly generate YouTube, podcasts, and other social material. Descript is an excellent place to begin.
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Descript Review FAQs

Is Descript an effective editing program?

Yes, Descript is a good editing software with a short learning curve. Drag-and-drop content addition, one-click audio upgrades, text-based editing, and multitrack recording for screen and camera are just a few of the features that make video editing more efficient.

Is Descript trustworthy?

Yes, Descript transcriptions are reasonably dependable. They complete the task and get it right approximately 90% of the time. However, revising any transcript before making it public would be best.

In terms of software, Descript is a dependable and secure platform. Data sent to and from Descript is secured using HTTPS, the industry standard for secure Internet transactions. Yes, Descript transcriptions are relatively dependable. They complete the task and get it right approximately 90% of the time. However, revising any transcript before making it public would be best.

In terms of software, Descript is a dependable and secure platform. Data sent to and from Descript is secured using HTTPS, the industry standard for secure Internet transactions.

Is Descript suitable for video editing?

Descript's text-based editing and storyboard style have made it highly effective for editing long-form video footage.

What is the purpose of Descript?

Descript emerged as an excellent audio editing application for producing high-quality podcasts. On the other hand, the script may now be used to produce and modify any audio and video clips.

Typical scenarios where Descript is valuable include creating educational films, marketing videos, sales videos, business-related content, and creative videos for personal YouTube channels or social media platforms.

Text-based editing simplifies the creation and editing of movies. At the same time, auto-transcription and audio augmentation make them more accessible and of higher quality.

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